Top 5 Dog Movies for a Cozy Night In

I’m not much of a winter person- I see those of you who hike in the cold and the snow, and I admire you, but that’s just not me (or Boots- Ranger, however, loves the snow!) Something that I do love in the winter is a bubble bath with a movie playing on my laptop, complete with a beer or glass of wine and a face mask if I really need some self care.

Like any crazy dog lady, many of my favorite movies involve dogs, because the best art mimics life if you ask me. So this Valentine’s Day, whether your Valentine is a dog or a person or both, these are the dog movies I most recommend cuddling up on the couch and enjoying!

  1. Dog Days is an ensemble rom-com starring Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, and Adam Pally among many others. It’s a lot like the Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve ensemble rom-com’s, except it’s dog centric which obviously makes it better. My triplet sister and I went to see it on a Tuesday night in a mostly empty theater, and while it was absolutely cheesy and predictable, that’s what we both needed and we loved it! It’s on Hulu now, so I definitely plan on having it in heavy rotation.

2. Bolt is an absolutely charming Disney movie staring Miley Cyrus and John Travolta’s voice acting, and if you haven’t seen it, honestly, where have you been?! The first time I saw this movie it stressed me out intensely, but ever since, it’s been one of those things I can put on when I need to relax and zone out a bit. Over the summer, I watched it during a monsoon storm with Boots curled up at my side and it was magical. It will definitely make you cry but in the best way.

Penny & Bolt’s relationship makes me ugly sob every time.

3. Isle of Dogs takes it another direction entirely- I’m not a movie buff at all, so I didn’t totally get the Wes Anderson excitement in regards to this movie, but I did love it so much that I saw it in theaters twice, which says a lot for me. (I hate movie theaters because they’re always too cold, I can never get comfortable, and I hate not being able to pause it when I need to get up for a bathroom or snack break!) I would have seen it a third time if I could have dragged a third person to go see it with me! I think Claymation is amazing, and I loved the story line as a whole. As someone who would absolutely hijack a plane to rescue my dog, I was super impressed by this movie. PRO DOG!!

4. Marley & Me is one of those movies that I feel has to be included in just about every dog movie list because it encompasses something so special about our lives with these incredible souls by our sides. Just like John Grogan, I feel like my dogs have been witness to some of the biggest growing pains and moments of my life, and this movie beautifully illustrates that. We’ve all had dogs in our lives like Marley- incorrigible and too smart for their own good- this is a good reminder to love them well. Also if I need to cry, this movie does the job 100% of the time. We all have those moments where we need to let out some emotion but it just won’t come, and Marley & Me is my solution in a pinch. 10/10, will cry to again!!

5. Walking the Dog is a cheesy, predictable Hallmark movie and anyone who knows me knows that I eat those up, no matter how ridiculous they are!! Do most of the Hallmark and UP! movies recycle the same 20 actors for every movie? Absolutely. Are they almost cringe worthy in their cheesiness and predictability? YOU BET! But for me that’s a big part of what makes them so much fun and so relaxing to watch. A girl can’t help but enjoy a silly, predictable happy ending every now and then, right? Pinterest (oddly) starting suggesting all of the Hallmark & UP! dog related movies to me on my feed, and I have to say, I’m here for it! I’m definitely not telling you that you can watch this entire movie for free on YouTube…

Like I said, whether your Valentine is human or canine, these movies are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and groan at the cheesiness. Comment and tell me your favorite dog movies, books, and any other dogs in pop culture that you enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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