About The Dog Mom Chronicles

I’m Jessica! I’m a 27 year old CPDT-KA in New Mexico who’s lucky enough to spend my life doing something I love and believe in, working with dogs! I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from New Mexico State University in 2013, and continue to love the art and science of behavior. I’m firmly committed to force free training and am a huge nerd about canine cognition. I’m a major girly girl who loves face masks and manicures; Elle Woods is my idol & Legally Blonde and chili cheese fries can fix most of my bad days. I’m a triplet, and being one of three gives me a great perspective on life.

My canine soulmate is Boots- he’s a 10 year old terrier who found me when he was 2 and I was 19. Though I definitely wasn’t prepared for a dog, I’m incredibly grateful that the shelter trusted me to adopt him anyway because he’s truly changed my life. Boots and I have grown up together- he helped me during some of my darkest days in college and gave me a reason to keep working toward my dreams. He’s been a huge part of every important moment of my adult life! We both suffer from separation anxiety when we have to be apart. Boots is playful and spunky and talkative and I can’t imagine life without him.

Ranger has to be introduced next, as he’s the reason my husband is in my life. He’s a striking 3 year old hound mix and a huge teddy bear. Ranger entered the animal shelter I work at as a stray when he was 4 months old, severely fearful and undersocialized. After working with him and helping him gain confidence, my mentor found him the perfect home with a single guy in his twenties, transplanted from Louisiana and in need of a best friend. That single guy continued to help him build confidence and kept in touch with my mentor when he had questions. She decided he’d be just as perfect for me as he was for Ranger, and set us up- our first date was a hike with the dogs, and the rest is history!

My husband, Chris, was born and raised in a small town in Louisiana. After graduating college and starting a career, he decided to change paths and enlisted in the United States Air Force. Despite many other places on his wishlist, the Air Force sent him to New Mexico where he’s gotten to indulge his love of hiking and snowboarding… and he also stumbled upon a best canine friend and me! He’s the absolute best dog dad in the world and nothing makes me happier than spending my days with him and our boys.

We all love making friends with other crazy dog people, so come, say hi, and stay awhile!

Photos by the incredibly talented Carissa & Ben Photography

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.